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Montreal, Canada.

Productized Web Design & Development Agency

For SaaS, B2B and Course Platforms.

Design and Development

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Web Design

Web Dev

We use tools that help us resolve your problems faster. Whether it's a simple landing page or a big commercial website, we're going to use the tools to match your needs.

Sometimes, the old ways are the best. New look into email marketing with Mailchimp or Klaviyo, a no-code email builder & audience manager. Let us handle the craft of email outreach.

You need a proper [web] app ? No problem. We are able to provide you with the best solution to achieve your goal, whether it's to have a higher conversion or make a lasting impression.

For saas and b2b

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Web App

Elevate your SAAS or B2B business with our tailored solutions. Our team crafts captivating websites and smooth systems, solving the challenges of engaging tech-savvy customers.

Stay ahead in a competitive landscape. We create user-friendly designs, use cutting-edge tech, and streamline processes for lasting success in a dynamic market.

We'll help you reach your audience effectively through strategic email campaigns. Our automations streamline your work, letting you focus on growth and innovation.

for content makers

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Landing Page

Course Page



E-Mail Outreach

At We Agency, we understand the essence of tailored platforms for creators. Each dedicated website we craft is exclusively designed for your content. Our team takes charge of uploading your courses and fine-tuning SEO, ensuring that your platform is optimized to its fullest potential.

Our platforms offer a seamless integration experience. We handle the technical intricacies, allowing your courses to effortlessly mesh with the platform. From video modules to interactive content, our goal is to create an intuitive environment where your content shines.

Elevate your content's reach with our expertise. We optimize every aspect of your platform to bolster visibility. With strategic SEO implementation and backend fine-tuning, your courses are primed for increased exposure, helping you attract and engage your audience effectively.

Already built platforms like Udemy ask for a huge commission. We don't want to charge over 50% of your hard earned income. Instead, we charge a steady price, monthly.

scope of work


-Quality Web Design

-Web Development

-Platform Development

-Store Integrations

-Analytics Integrations

-Stylish & Modern Solutions

-Copy & SEO optimization

-Loading Optimization


-Promotional & Marketing Campaign

-Design & Development

-Template Design & Dev

-Automated Emails Setup

-Analytics Overview

design & 3d

-Vector Design

-Product Rendering

-Product 3D Projection

-High Quality Videos/Images

-3D Object Dev


-Connection Website+Emails

-Store Connection

-Easy Access To Audience

-Targeting And Marketing

-Connection To CRM


-Platform Management

-Content Uploading

-Scheduled Updates

-Growth Analytics

-Performance Analysis


We value your time.

Hence, we use automations. Set up automations let you focus on more important and less generic tasks. If you have a big audience, would you manually send E-Mails to each subscriber? We wouldn't either.

Every service you get from us, we set up a free set of necessary automations to make your job easier, faster and more efficient.

-So We Agency Team

automated flows & Emails

🤗 Welcome new contacts

Meet and greet made easy! Our automation warmly welcomes new contacts, sending personalized messages and information instantly. Stay connected effortlessly and make a lasting impression, saving time for what truly matters in your business.

Customer Signs Up
Send Welcome E-Mail
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🛒 cart reminders

Boost your sales effortlessly! Our automation sends timely abandoned cart reminders, turning potential losses into profits. Maximize revenue, delight customers, and watch your business thrive with every completed purchase.

Shopping Cart Abandonned
Send Reminder
If No Action - Send 10% Off Code
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👌 importance

Transform your business with our automation solutions—efficiency optimization, revenue boost, customer-centric focus, tailored flexibility, resource savings, and data-driven insights. Our user-friendly tools empower informed decision-making, ensuring your business thrives through seamless, efficient, and customizable automation services.

Experience business excellence with our automation solutions. From optimizing tasks and boosting revenue to prioritizing customers and tailoring solutions, we provide user-friendly tools that save time and resources. Make informed decisions and watch your business thrive with our efficient, customizable, and data-driven automation services

If {Action}
Then {Wait/Countdown}
Send {Sms/E-Mail}
Add {Tag}
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🎊 wish happy birthdays

Celebrate effortlessly! Our thoughtful automation not only sends heartfelt birthday wishes but also fosters personal connections, strengthening relationships, showing appreciation, and making every birthday a memorable occasion for both your business and valued customers. Engage meaningfully and elevate your brand with our personalized touch, ensuring each celebration leaves a lasting impression.

{Birth Day} Field Filled By Customer
Send {Special Offer Birthday Deal}
Add Tag {Received Present Offer}
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👔 target specific taste customers

Craft tailored experiences! Our automation targets specific tastes, delivering personalized content that resonates with your customers. Elevate engagement, cater to individual preferences, and watch your brand connect effortlessly with your target audience

Customer Interacts With {Item} From E-Mail
Add Tag {Product Name}
Wait {2 Days}
Send E-Mail with {Product Name}
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Elevate your business effortlessly! Explore simple tools that save time, increase revenue, and delight customers. Ready to transform?

“So We Agency provides very fast updates when my company needs to change something on my website. Knowledge and expertise make it worth every penny”

-Tobias Kopernický

Owner and founder of SNRGY Visuals

Monthly subscription

For those, who's needs are easily solvable.*


One request at a time. Pause or cancel anytime.

$4K / Month
Get Started
-1 Workstream At A Time
-Unlimited Pages
-Unlimited Images From ShutterStock
-1 Website
-Senior Level Talent
-No Contracts
-Direct Chat Options

fast lane

Double the requests. Pause or cancel anytime.

$7K / Month
Get Started
-2 Workstreams At A Time
-Unlimited Pages
-Unlimited Images From ShutterStock
-Multiple Websites
-Senior Level Talent
-No Contracts
-Direct Chat Options
*This subscription is mainly for content creators and small business solutions. For any medium/big request, schedule an intro call, found below.
Daniel Yusipov, Даниэль Юсипов, founder of So We Agency, a creative agency that specializes in Web design, development and other customer relationship related domains.

Daniel yusipov

Founder Of So We Agency